Good vs Evil

One of the most prominent theme in the book is good vs evil. Langdon and Sophie try to protect the secret of the holy grail, which the Opus dei, a religious organization looking to find the holy grail which holds secret to controlling the world. Throughout the entire book there is a constant battle to find the holy grail between the two groups. However the two groups are trying to find the holy grail for completely different reasons, the religious organization also known as Opus dei are trying to get to the holy grail for greed of power, whereas Langdon and Sophie are trying to get it in order to protect it from getting into the wrong hands.

The Assassin’s Creed series is very relatable to the book The Davinci Code. The video game deals with two groups known as the Assassins and the Templars, who are also regularly fighting to get the piece of aden. The Assassins are the guardians who want to protect it whereas the Templars is an organization looking for world domination. Throughout the series of multiple games the theme good vs evil is present. Therefore the theme good vs evil is very noticeable in the game.


Women Intelligence is of little to no value

The theme intelligence of women is very prominent in the book The Davinci Code. Sophie Neveu one of main characters is a very smart woman who helps Langdon with clues in order to protect the holy grail. Throughout the book she shows her intelligence for instance she cleverly figured out a way to free Langdon from the police who were about to arrest Langdon for the murder that he didn’t do. Moreover she helps Langdon decipher many codes and clues. The reader is able to sense her intelligence throughout the book. Fache a police chief does not think of her as much because she is a woman. However she proves him wrong by helping Langdon escape from right under Face’s nose.

In Emma Watson’s United Nations speech she talks about women being equal to men in everything including intelligence. She argues that women are not represented equally and not respected for their opinion or their intelligence. Her he for she campaign is to get rid of sexism that exists in the world today. In the book Sophie tries to overcome the sexism that surrounds her just like Emma Watson is trying to get rid of inequality for other women in the world through her speech. To conclude Emma Watson’s speech addressing the UN showed how women are underrepresented and their intelligence and their capability is not given the proper respect that it demands.


Blind faith can make a person blind to everything


Inequality and violence agaisnt women

Inequality and violence against Women

Inequality and violence against women is a serious issue in the world currently. Women are considered lower than men, the inequality is everywhere from commercial to basic rights. In certain countries women are not allowed to do certain tasks just because they are women. There is a lot of violence to go with the inequality against women. Types of violence include domestic violence, abusive relationships, rape and many more. Women should be considered as equals and not as inferiors to men then and only then we would be able to make the world a better place.




This article is about the current situations in some middle eastern countries’s inequality against women. Some of the inequalities include very basic right of education, driving, traveling, and even citizenship. It is truly sad that women in these countries have to deal with male dominance and have no say in anything.

This article relates to my theme inequality and violence against women because it shows what happens to women in some countries and how they are treated different than their male counterparts. This leads to violence against women as well because the law does not protect their rights but in fact makes them the culprit even though they are victims of the violence.



This is a documentary/film on the events in Nanking during WW2. The invading japanese soldiers killed and raped 300,000 chinese women in matter of weeks which is horrifying. One of the british journalist present during this horrifying tragedy had compared the japanese soldiers to attila and the huns, which were infamous for razing cities they conquered in horrifying ways.   

This documentary/film relates to my topic because it tells the story of this horrifying violence against women through the perspective of a witness who witnessed the event. Women have had to face very disturbing violence during wars, from the ancient times to even today. The violence against women doesn’t seem to go away.



In this commercial for pantene they show how women are discriminated against and judged differently than men. If a man is up all night than he is considered dedicated however if a woman is up all night than she is considered selfish. Women are labeled because they do things that men do. If they dress up nicely it is called showoff.   

This commercial relates to my theme because they show how the world discriminates against women. It also shows how inequality makes it difficult for women to be as successful as other men. They are discouraged by the society to do things the way men do

All media are constructions

  • Each picture in the article was carefully chosen to represent demonstrate their point on inequality against women.
  • The words in the commercial are also cleverly thought of, as well as the location to get their message across.

The media construct reality

  • The commercial sends the message that when women do things that men do they are heavily criticized. For instance if a woman is the boss she is called “bossy”.
  • The article creates an image for the countries mentioned in the article and that the countries are the worst places for women because of all these restrictions.

Audience negotiate meaning in the media

Dominant- Women deserve the treatment they are getting. They should look after their family and children and stay at home. They shouldn’t be allowed to go out.

Oppositional- Women do not deserve to be treated like property. They should be allowed to do whatever they want. They should e considered equal to men.

Negotiate- Suppression of women is nothing new it has existed for centuries, however this doesn’t justify treating them badly.

Media have commercial implications

  • In the article there are lots of advertisements beside the main body text. That is how the author and/or the company generates revenue, thus also promoting certain products.
  • The commercial at the end shows pantene logo which shows their support for womens rights which makes them popular among st women which makes them more likely to but pantene products.

Media contain ideological and value messages

  • The documentary sheds light on how badly the women were treated by the Japanese army. It tells us that we should not let the that kind of event to happen again.
  • In the article it shows how women are considered to be of no value in some contries. Which is not what should be acceptable.

Media have social and political implications

  • The commercial sends a message that women are strong and that they will rise above all the suppression by society.
  • The article tells us about the current political issues in some of the countries where they are not represented in the government, they are not protected by the laws of the countries. The laws only protect the male population.

Form and content are closely related in the media

  • In a documentary there is a narrator who narrates the story, there are experts who share their insights on the issue. Whereas in an article there are pictures to grab peoples attention and long paragraphs on the issue. Therefore different form show the content differently.

Each medium has a unique aesthetic form

  • The documentary has a narrator
  • The commercial  has bunch of logos at the end.
  • The article has stats and facts on the issue they are reporting on.



Reflection #1


        The media should show the visual representation of the crisis that’s going on currently. It is important for the people to know how bad the situation is in Syria, merely words are not enough to tell the whole story and there is a need to have pictures in the articles, the phrase a “picture says a thousand words” is very true. For us Canadians it’s an opportunity help maybe not by accepting them but helping them get to where they want to, such as transporting as much as people as we can to Germany, Sweden or other countries that are willing to accept the refugees. This situation is like the holocaust where millions of Jewish people were trying to escape the expanding borders of Nazi Germany, it’s the same because even back some countries including Canada accepted many refugees. Then why can’t we help them today? I mean we are in the twenty first century; we are more than capable of helping these people.

I have many questions regarding this situation. First, what is the main reason for this issue? Why isn’t the world doing something about the reason? Why hasn’t the world tried to get rid of the extremists such as ISIS? The extremists are doing horrific things to people and the world just sits there and does nothing about it. They are also destroying some of the ancient cultural heritage sites in the Middle East.

The European Union is facing a tough challenge trying to manage this wave of refugees. Many countries have made an effort to help the refugees while some have not, which may create an internal conflict within the EU which could really hurt the relationships between the countries. The Dublin regulation requires a refugee to stay in the country where he first landed until his case is solved which is making it very difficult for countries like Greece who is already in depression economically. Therefore the EU needs to come up with a solution to the problem.

However there have been some constructive efforts made to help these refugees by wide range of people from individual help to organizations that have tried to give the people food and water. I believe there is still humanity left in a lot of people and they will continue to help them no matter what.

Reflection #2


            This is very surprising considering were considered 6th most developed country in the world, the numbers are astonishing. It’s very sad that the government is doing little to help the first nation’s people on reserves. They are not getting the help that they deserve. There is no point in having reserves, it basically isolates the aboriginal people from rest of the Canadians, and back in the day they were designed to keep first nations away from major cities. The government should get rid of these reserves in order for the first nations to get into touch with the rest of the world. However, if the government gets rid of the reserves the first nations will have difficult time resettling as their financial situation is not so impressive, for instance their median income in only $19,000 which is very low compared to $33,000 for other Canadians. The government should spend money on schools on reserves, though due to low population of students on reserves it seems like waste of money. Nearly half of first nation’s kids are living in poverty which is astronomically high for a country like Canada. Even though first nations get benefits in taxes they are still financially unstable.

They don’t have their own people representing because the federal government is the only one allowed to make decisions on aboriginal affairs. I think that the reserves should have small government that works under the federal to address the first nation’s issues. This issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible, their needs to be a solution.

Reflection #3



            The internet will always be full of trolls no matter what we do. The freedom on the internet has allowed this kind of behaviour to prosper, it’s not always the trolls that cause the problems good people sometimes also are responsible for mean and hurtful comments. The internet has allowed the bullies and trolls to attack people personally. They are able to say obscene things to others because they are in the safety of their homes, they do not fear the consequences of their actions over the internet. For a website like Reddit the trolls are out of control because of Reddits no censorship policy which in my opinion needs to change before Reddit becomes the hub for the trolls and online bullying. It is very worrying that a CEO of one of the biggest sites loses to trolls threatening her. However in my opinion most of the trolls are incapable of doing anything at all, which is why they are online 24/7 being mean to others who have done something with their lives. The trolls are merely just losers who hate to see others succeed.

I believe that there should be internet laws just like other civic laws that we have. The laws would allow for a much better environment on the internet. However there is a limitations to laws on the internet as it is very much anonyms. I am not surprised at all that most of the victims and the perpetrators are teenagers or young adults. The young mentality that they are untouchable that they can do anything has led to the internet being very harsh.

Despite the trolls there are good people, there is the good, bad and the ugly of internet. Even though former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao received threatening messages she also received messages of support from a lot of people. The only thing holding the internet together are good people, heck only thing holding this world together from falling apart are good people, and there are good people on the internet.